What’s in the Inspection?

For me, the largest purchase I ever made was my home. It was important that I knew what I was purchasing, no matter whether the home is new or old. Some things are not as important as others. For example, is a crack in the dry wall important or just cosmetic? The answer is that it depends. If it is caused by a foundation crack, it could be more important than if caused by “settling” which is present in all homes as the wood dries and the foundation settles in. Other things that may not seem important, like a discoloration or wrinkling of paint, could be caused by water damage, which may then mean mold is present. Even mold can be cleaned up though.

Our goal is to help you purchase the home and to know what things you may have to look into in more depth as the process continues.

The inspection is a visual inspection.  That means that if we can’t see it, we can’t report on it.  We can’t move household items or furniture to gain access.  We inspect what we can see.  We also report on the location of things such as your shut off valves, and thermostats.  We test for normal operations the heater and air conditioner.  We check the water pressure for normal operations.  We are trained to examine crawl spaces and attics for defects that could materially affect how the home performs.  Is the toilet loose?  Are the plugs wired properly?  Does a representative number of doors or windows operate properly?  We go through the house and try to answer as many questions about the property as we can with our specialized equipment, and we are trained to identify and classify problems for you.  We report our findings in an easy-to-understand way, online.

We also have some things we provide for an additional price.  These include Radon, Mold evaluation and electro magnetic radiation (EMF) present in the house the day of the inspection.  These things are particularly important to young families.

Here is a link to a representative sample report so that you can see  what a report might look like.

In the upper right hand corner of the sample report, you can see the ability for you to put comments and generate a document used to negotiate remediation with the home seller if you so choose.